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    Our company specializing in the production of polyethylene packaging products: low density polyethylene film/bag, medicine sterile membrane/low density polyethylene bag, aseptic freeze-dried film, pharmaceutical use polyethylene bag of breathing and the sterilization bags, strapping film and PE shrink film, consumption of polyethylene film/bag, etc., products are widely used in solid API, sterile API, pharmaceutical intermediates, food, direct contact with drugs packaging materials packaging and sterilization protection of sterile products process using items, packaging and sterilization of medical apparatus, etc.
    The company has a professional management team. The main production and management personnel are pharmaceutical and polymer professional university graduates, in xinhua pharmaceutical, qidu pharmaceutical and other large pharmaceutical manufacturing enterprises in the middle and senior positions engaged in production, technology, quality management. The company has advanced equipment for film blowing, bag making and inspection. All the production plants adopt grade C + local grade A purification treatment. The whole production process of sterile products is protected by grade A laminar flow.
    Corporate clients all over the country, the main customer base for Chinese pharmaceutical enterprises and large food enterprises, the main customers: qilu pharmaceutical, tai chi pharmaceutical, xinhua pharmaceutical, west king group, weigao group, qi all pharmaceutical and double crane group, anti-lu pharmaceutical, xin pharmaceutical, nolato, pharmaceutical group, the yuwang pharmaceutical, zhejiang yuan, rui Yang pharmaceutical, ha sanlian hundreds of customers.
    The company is committed to creating a scientific and technological innovation, set r & d production and sales integration of high quality pharmaceutical packaging enterprises. At present, there are 9 national patents, many products are the first in the province. Our company is a member of China association of pharmaceutical packaging materials, and a national small and medium-sized scientific and technological enterprises warehousing enterprise. We have good research and development cooperation with shandong university, Qingdao university, shandong university of science and technology and other scientific research institutions.
    The company pays attention to the cultural construction, attaches importance to the product quality, regards the customer as the company business layer strategy successful foundation, devotes to the huazhilin packing to construct the high quality, the brand sound, the innovation ability strong superiority enterprise.

Business philosophy

In the pursuit of all staff material and spiritual well-being at the same time, for the development of the world's pharmaceutical industry to make contributions.

Enterprise vision

Become the domestic first-class medicine packing material enterprise

Corporate mission

Provide pharmaceutical packaging and operation protection solutions for pharmaceutical companies

Core values

Focus on quality and continuous innovation to serve customers

Message from chairman
    When you read this passage, you may be an old friend of ours, or we may be new friends meeting here for the first time... No matter old friends or new friends, our meeting shows that we are destined for each other.
    Huazhilin packaging has been established for nearly ten years. The development of the company today, in addition to the efforts of all staff and shareholders of the support, mainly due to the new and old friends of the help. Here, on behalf of all the staff and shareholders of huazhilin packaging, I would like to say to you: thank you!
    Huazhilin packaging is now in the period of rapid development of transformation, facing many challenges, but we are determined to have confidence in the market competition and all kinds of pressure in the face of difficulties, focusing on polyethylene packaging, accelerate the pace of innovation, develop more new products, new specifications, leading and meet customer needs. "Into the heart of the customer" is our sales philosophy, for customers to do a good job "butler service" is our consistent service attitude. We put customer service in the company's business strategy to attach great importance to and implementation, the implementation of the "6-hour response mechanism", that is: customer feedback problems and needs within 6 hours must be given a clear response to quickly solve customer problems and meet the needs.

    Huazhilin packaging is willing to serve you attentively and wish your company develop faster and better under our witness. It's nice to have your company along the way!

                                                                                                                                    -- chairman ni huali
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