Hot Products:Sterile bag、Breathing bag、Sterilization bags、Shrink film、Strapping membrane
ProfessionalPharmaceutical、food Polyethylene PE packagingManufacture
Pharmaceutical packaging products comply with YBB, USP and EP.
Food packaging products meet the national GB/T4456-2008 standard.
Experienced management andproduction team
We produce the pharmaceutical packaging materials in accordance with the GMP standards.
High quality material/ Patentedequipment---High quality products
Use imported raw meterials
The product passed the detection of 18 kind of impurities such as plasticizer and heavy metal content by SGS.
The insoluble particulate index of medicinal packaging products meets the standards for pharmaceutical injections.
Tyvek/ polyethylene PE clean pouches (clean steam bag) is produced by the first patented equipment in dometic factories.
The whole process of production quality conforms to the GMP standard of drugs
All items inspection/ The products can be customized.
The products are produced in C+A clean environment.
Response in 6 hours
Professional salesman, Professional all-day service.
response in 6 hours,Quick and caring service.
Professionally provide relevant review materials.
Conceptmakes customers
The company's business philosophy: focus on quality, continuous innovation, and serve customers.
Sales philosophy: into the hearts of customers.
Innovationleads customers
Strong scientific research ability
We have a variety of new products such as Tyvek/PE clean Pouces for medical Packaging (Clean Steam Bag), freeze-dried films, sterile bags, and sterilizable bags. The product forms are various: square bottom bag, round bottom bag, double bag, folded bag and so on.
Equipment achievement quality
independently researched and developed patent equipment
The production equipments are all domestic advanced equipment, and we have the exclusive patented film equipment in China.
Ervice creates word of mouth
VIP Butler Service
Pre-sale / sale / after-sales all-round one-stop service, 6-hour response mechanism!
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